Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Everybody Poops

Brady is now just shy of 2.5 and everyone says that most boys aren't ready to potty train until at least 3 years old. I beg to differ... He shows all the signs that he is completely capable of trading in his diapers for some big boy undies!

Let me just say that since the day Brady was born I have absolutely DREADED the day that we were going to have to start potty training. I don't know why I wasn't really nervous about all the other HUGE monumental milestones like feeding yourself, walking, talking, etc. but this potty thing really has me wound up. We started the whole process about a month ago, knowing we were just going to kind of introduce it slowly to make sure he was really ready for it. He was AWESOME!! I can probably count on one hand the number of accidents he had but we slowly learned that he would rather constipate himself than poo poo on the potty. He told us when he had to go but the second his booty hit that seat he'd say, " I NOT POOPY IN DA POTTY I NOT!!!" So we'd put a diaper on him and out it would come. Last week, he started taking his diaper off himself after he pooped and saying things like, "das digusting!" and "ewwwwww yucky." I said enough. He will do it.

It wasn't pretty and it took a whole lot of bribes and constipated days but (sound the horns), HE DID IT!!! Bobby and I told him we'd buy an awesome present at the store if he did it and he held us to that promise! I was on my way to Wal Mart with the boys this morning to get his "present", which to me was a little $3 football, when Bobby shows up with this look on his face like Brady just got elected President of the United States and puts this big little tikes slide in the cart... Okay, that works too :)

All of this for one little poop :)

We are so proud!!!

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  1. Ha! This cracks me up. I feel the same way though...I'm dreading potty training. Good luck!