Monday, May 24, 2010

Dad 3....

God opened about 8 doors four trip. We were able to stay with my Aunt Carol on a moments notice, my Mom just happened to be there visiting so she was able to keep the boys while we were at the hospital and the biggest was that the church, where Bobby is employed, said see ya.... Take care of Liz. Bobby said, "it's so comforting to know that the people at work are praying for me instead of waiting for me." There was no time cap on when we HAD to be back so he could work. Wow... talk about about comforting. In reality, we figured there was about a 50/50 chance of him pulling through. I was thinking more that I'd be there when he woke up to tell him everything I needed to tell him, not that I'd be saying goodbye.

When we were about 30 minutes outside of Columbus, I got a phone call from Daynet and again, she sounded bad. She said the nurse just told her that we should expect the worst but pray for the best. Praise God we were there.

We dropped the boys off to my Mom, AC and GG and headed to the hospital. I was an anxious, nervous, blubbery mess. I am so forever thankful for Bobby and his strength that night and the reast of the week. He was just there.. the entire time, with open arms for me to lean into. I expected the sight to be terrible and I was more than right. Tubes and medical equipment everywhere. His body was so swollen that his eyes wouldn't shut so he had on little goggles to try and protect them.

I asked for a moment and said everything I needed to say. We prayed. Alot. They say he heard me.

I'm going to make a long story short about our time their because it was a long time and it could take 27 posts to get it all out.....

I'm sorry it took so long to continue my story... We had some baby drama, all is well now.

Back to dad, we had three options....

1. Attempt to resuscitate when his heart fails which, because he was on the blood pressure medicine, would o nly have a 2% chance of success.
2. Sign the DNR and wait until his heart gave up.
3. Stop treatment.

My step mom went with option two, praying for the best. I felt like option three was the obvious choice because of the condition he was in but I don't know that I could have made that decision if I were her. The doctors said that dad would either begin to get better or not and there wasn't much else the doctors could do. We decided to stay another 48 hours but I was emotionally drained. On Monday at the hospital, the doctor came in and said IF dad made it out of this alive, he'd be living in a nursing home on a ventilator and dialysis machine, probably blind and not all there due to the fact he never came out of his drug induced coma, even after medications to bring him out had been administered. Daynet was still fighting for him. At that point, I decided to say goodbye and take my family home.

That evening, Daynet called and said Dad had been responding to her. I felt good about my decision to go home.

The following day, when we were 30 minutes from our front door, I got the call that my dads kidneys had completely shut down and the doctor said he would not live outside the hospital so the only option was to turn off the machines.

We made plans to head back to columbus on Saturday to prepare for services.

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