Friday, May 28, 2010


Among all this sadness came many, many blessings.

First of all, Bobby and I had been so busy, we barely had time for each other. God gave us 56 hours in the car together.

The boys were beyond well behaved.

We got to really know Daynet and her heart. She has/had so much love for my dad.

Daynet and I had a really long talk about my dad and his faith. I was scared that although he was raised Catholic, he didn't have a relationship with God. She assured me that he prayed often.

I got to see and spend some quality time with my Grandma Oelgoetz.

I got to see and spend time with my Aunt Mary Ann and her family. They are precious and so much fun. Brady got to go to his first "the cross" game and he LOVED it!

I got to see and spend time with my Uncle Joe and Uncle Tim. Both of which I hadn't seen in years and years.

My sister and I had a lot of talking to do and she rode with us back to Ohio the second time we went. That was a huge highlight to that trip.

We reconnected with my step brother. We haven't seen him in about 5 years so that was really special. He's now 12 years old and turning out to be a great kid. Hopefully we'll be able to spend some time with him this summer.

I remember the good times before dad got really sick. I bet that if he and I went to high school together, we would have been best friends. He was hilarious :) My uncle told a lot of really funny stories about dad growing up in his Eulogy. He was a hot mess growing up and I loved it! From putting my Uncle Tim in the dryer to streaking through cheerleading tryouts and the band banquet, he's my dad. He was an incredible Lacrosse player and insanely intelligent. He was my dad. He loved music so much. I bet he's singing praises to God right now.

RIP Dad.....

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