Thursday, May 21, 2009

Surgery..... AGAIN!

As if the first one didn't stress me out enough, Bobby has to get his esophogus operated on again. It is my understanding that he has 3 hiatal hernias exposed and because his esophageal sphincter doesn't operate properly, the hernias are constantly getting torn up by all his stomach acids. Last summer they repaired the hernias and fixed the sphincter but it came undone when Brady, myself and finally Bobby caught a bad stomach bug at the beginning of the year. Bobby said he could have lived with the symptoms (constant heartburn) but didn't want to be diagnosed with cancer 20 years from now because he didn't get it taken care of. I think they take the lining of the stomach and wrap it around the esophogas, covering the exposed hernias and as a result, he can't burp or throw up ever again. When we got sick, it all came undone... So here we go again......

We leave for the hospital at 5 am to get prep started at 5:30 and he'll go in to surgery at 7am. My stomach is already in knots from the anxiety. Please lift him up in prayer for a successful surgery as well as a quick recovery! This time around, if anyone even LOOKS like they might be coming down with something, Bobby is headed to his moms!!

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