Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Braxton Michael Reed

Last Wednesday, which happened to be Bobby and I's 3 year anniversary, we had an appointment for an ultra sound for baby #2. I have had a feeling for quite some time now that it was a boy. The ONLY thing that threw me a little was the morning sickness. Anyhow, I can honestly say that boy or girl, I would have been completely thrilled. We went in and it seemed like it took FOREVER for the ultrasound tech to journey south to the area that would change our lives forever but she finally got there and low and behold- leg, leg, penis!!! It's a boy. I saw my husbands face light up for the 3rd time (1. When I said yes 2. Brady's 20 week appointment 3. Braxton's pee pee unveiling). It was absolutely priceless! To us, everything looked and seemed absolutely perfect!

Bobby and Brady went ahead and left to go home rather than hang out with me for the actual appointment with my Doctor. When she came in, she said the oh-so-common "Congratulations on your little boy" and sat down to look over the ultrasound pictures. She then proceeded to tell me that it was not a big deal but Brax had light spots on his heart, which is a "soft sign" for down syndrom. NOT A BIG DEAL????

There are about 10 different "soft signs" of down syndrome, including a large space between the big toe and second toe, light spots on the kidneys and/or heart, a short femur, lack of nasal cavity formation, only 2 main bloodvessels (as opposed to 3) running through the umbilical cord, etc. Dr. Hubbard said that because Braxton only has one of the soft signs, that it is highly unlikely he is a candidate for downs. She said that anatomically, every thing else checked out perfectly so I should not lose any sleep over it. She didn't even schedule another ultrasound or amnio which means she really isn't very concerned. Even if little Brax turned out to have downs, we'd still have more love to give than he could handle!

I know that God won't give Bobby and I more than we can handle but please pray for Braxton's health.

Brady is so excited to have a little brother :)

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  1. I LOVE YOU!!!!! Definitely praying for you and Braxton.