Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The Big 2-7

Today is my 27th birthday and what a wonderful day it is!!!! I woke up to Dawson grabbing my nose (he doesn't sleep in our bed, Bobby just put him there as he was leaving today because he was WIDE awake and getting frustrated that he was by himself...), followed shortly by Brady yelling for me to come get him for some cuddles :) He said, "hi mommy!! Hatty birtday and da pawty and da birtday caaaaaaaake!!!" It was the sweetest thing ever!! We lounged around and then all got dressed and went to meet Bobby for lunch at one of my favorite restaurants ever, The Brook.

We had a nice long lunch and by the time we left, the boys were spent, it was WAAAAY past nap time. When we got home, it was like magic, they both went to sleep at the same time! What a birthday present :) I got to finish my bible study and write this blog! In addition to all these wonderful things, today marks a VERY awesome day in our families life! Today was Bobby's last day at his current job, doing business development for an aerospace company. He's been with Primus International for over three years and has been very content there, however, he has felt God tugging on his heart for quite sometime.

Bobby and I had a pretty deep conversation this past summer about the fact that we thought God had way bigger plans for us than what we were allowing him to carry out. We talked about the legacy we were leaving in this world and immediately knew it wasn't enough. We began volunteering more at church and really praying that God start opening doors to allow us to have more influence on this community. Then this fall our church, First Christian Church of Owasso, announced that they would be launching a multi-site location on the opposite side of town. To make a long story short, God opened up a ton of doors both with this Stone Canyon site and in our lives! Bobby applied for the position and after a few months of interviews with lots of different people, he was offered the position of Campus Pastor of the FCC Stone Canyon site! The launch date is set for August 22, 2010 and we couldn't be more excited to reach the lost and influence this community for God's Kingdom!!!

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